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Hi everybody!

Ok, I hate to do this, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to make a shameless plug. This coming weekend I am going to be participating in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Santa Barbara. The first day of the walk is 26 miles, the second day is 13, making a total of 39 miles total. I'm not sure if I can do the whole thing, but by gum, I'm going to try! Participating in this event requires that you raise a minimum of $1800. I have had to good fortune to raise $1,189 because of the generosity of my family, and from friends like yamikonumber7 and jedizero. First and foremost, to all the people who donated, you guys are amazing and I honestly cannot thank you enough! I am far closer to my goal than I was expecting to be at this point, and for that I am extremely thankful. The money raised from this walk goes to cancer research and treatment, and I know that everyone who has had cancer affect their lives in some way can agree how important it is to fight for this cause. I know that with the economy money is tight, but if there is any amount that you can give to help me reach my goal, no matter how small, I would be eternally thankful for your support and generosity. To make a donation, click copy and paste the link below into the url.


Donations are also tax deductible.

Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for all the help and support that you have provided. Wish me luck this weekend! I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back.

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Ok, so I am very behind on finishing up this music meme, so I'm attempting to get that done now so that I don't forget later.

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Wow, I gotta say, exercising with my roomies is gunna be a hoot. We've basically decided that we need a quote wall for just such occasions.

...moving in a couch this weekend probably will be less fun though...ugh....

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Ok, IKEA run was basically useless today. Let's hope Wal-mart is a little more productive.

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So I spent the weekend in Sand Diego with the folks to watch the Cowboys kick some Charger butt! It was a fun time seeing family, but once again I am reminded that alcohol and my family don't always mix well....

On Sunday I moved into a new apartment with yamikonumber7 and our friend Kristin. I have to say that it was really sad leaving my cousin and her roommate's place, but it's time I found my own place. But it's even more sad because at some point, and I'm not sure when, but I started leaving my travel hat at home instead of taking it with me all the time, which is what I had decided to do until I found "a place of my own to hang it up." I'm not sure if it was because I started having to do my hair before going to work, or if it was because I genuinely felt at home with them. In any case, I donned my hat again and drove down to meet with my new roommies, who hat been working literally all day to get everything inside. IBy the time I had gotten there most of the work was already done. I felt bad, but I paid for pizza, so I hope that counts for something. Anyway, the first thing I did after saying hello was officially put my travel hat back down. I've finally found a home! I'm not a vagabond any more! Plus, now I can let it stay at home and only take it out for real adventures again! 

Oh, I've also been scheduled to work at my new job "indefinitely." Don't know if that means the place I'm working will want to hire me themselves any time soon, but it means I'll be making a steady paycheck again!

So, yeah, I'm a few days behind the music meme...

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Ok, it's after Midnight.I made a mistake earlier and posted these songs when I meant to post  the other one. My apologies for so many frequent posts.

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I started doing some data entry at work today, so things just got interesting! >=)

Also, talked to a good friend that I haven't talked to in a while today. I do so love talking to her about movies, television shows, books, and comics. She has a wonderful appreciation for storytelling and I am quite fond of getting her opinion and analysis on different stories and genres, even if we don't always agree. Also, while talking with her today, I vented about the finale of Lost and things that angered me about the horror genre...I may have to make a long rant about it once this month-long music meme is over....or maybe a top ten list. Anywho, the long and short of that is that staying connected with old friends should be more of a priority, especially when you can spend nearly two and a half hours talking about Stargate, Lost, British Mini-series, The Abridged Series, Ironman 2, and how franchises tend to degrade characters and storytelling (*coughscarymoviescough*).  I miss you friend :)

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A song that describes you. Well, this one is kind of a given, now more than ever. I've realized now more than ever that you have to live and learn in life, especially when it has you "face down on the floor." This song is also, according to a friend, lyrically incoherent. So, this song revolves around Sonic, it doesn't make much sense, and yet totally rocks!

...just like me? Maybe?
Ok, moving on.

Also as I mentioned before, this song is all about persistence and holding on to what could be, even in the most dire of circumstances. It's about learning from the previous experiences that you've gone through so that you can make it through tomorrow. Because if you don't, well, you may never find your way.  I've tried to live like that, and even if I don't always succeed, hey, it's something that you can learn from.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!Collapse )

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Just got back from Lancaster with my parents, and as much as I love and miss them, I have to say that I am so glad that I'm living off on my own now. Parents can nag like none other. (Now let's just hope I get something full time soon so that I don't have to move back home...)

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Ok, saw Scott Pilgrim last night. What a trip. A fun, nonsensical, outlandish, nerdy trip. But it was fun.

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